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Affiliate & Partner Marketing Solutions What is the ResponsiveWeb Solution?
You need to lower your marketing costs, while increasing online revenues. It's not easy, that's for sure. But with industry leading affiliate and partner marketing consultation, it isn't going to be hard either!

ResponsiveWeb makes it easy for you to partner with top web sites, who will promote your goods and services, in exchange for a pay-for-performance commission. You only pay for results-which means that you are utilizing one of the most cost-effective selling channels online.

    Our solutions give you:

  • Accountability for all of your online partnerships
  • Dramatically lower customer acquisition costs
  • Extended brand reach across the Internet
  • The ability to manage both pay-for-performance and negotiated partnerships
  • Recruitment opportunities to continually attract the best partners for you
  • The best support including best practices, knowledge, and even strategic management of your program

ResponsiveWeb believes that technology, while vitally important, is not the only part of the equation. Providing a complete solution involves both technology and superior services. Working closely with publishers to maximize results and continuously improve performance based on their individual needs allows us to enhance the program's bottom line for you. ResponsiveWeb provides you the flexibility to grow your revenues the way you want, and saves you the hassle of having to manage your online marketing infrastructure.

Customers using our complete ResponsiveWeb solutions have been able to increase revenues month over month by over 220%

Success Stat: Customers utilizing ResponsiveWeb solutions have been able to generate over a 1000% (one thousand percent) return in program revenue dollar for dollar.


Have ResponsiveWeb Manage Your Program for You

Details Below

Take advantage of ResponsiveWeb's experienced staff and resources, from implementation to launch, to ongoing analysis and program improvement. With ResponsiveWeb managing your affiliate partner program, you will be able to focus on other areas of your marketing. The goal of our outsourced program managers (OPM) is to grow our customer's revenue-and we're good at making that happen! Here are some examples of what top performing clients using OPM services have seen:
  • Grow net revenue 170% quarter over quarter
  • Amplify annual program revenue by 200%
  • Increase month over month revenues by 233%

What kind of support does an Outsourced Program Manager provide for you? Ultimately it's about growing your revenues and increasing your business in a profitable way. Check out some of the ways we manage your program:

  • Affiliate Compensation Structure - We provide recommendations on other compensation structures from competing and/or similar industries to optimize your program's performance.
  • Link Offering - We suggest various link types, the effectiveness of each, and recommendations on links that you should launch both in the short term and long term.
  • Optimizing - We offer information on how we will create a personality for your affiliate program by incorporating your brand, as well as making it easy for affiliates to find program details, gather links, and run reports.
  • Recruiting Strategy - We provide you with various tactics for recruiting affiliates, including Be Free's Performance Partner Program, Be Free's affiliate database, cross-client partnerships, and special promotions. And, we will recruit and execute the strategy for you.
  • Managing Partners - We manage your partner relationship by taking action on the strategic plan to continuously grow your program. We work to get your offers great placement with those partners.
  • Affiliate Communications Plan - We execute a comprehensive plan for keeping in touch with your affiliates and keeping them motivated to continue to drive traffic to your site.

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